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HSBC Asset Management Luxembourg

HSBC Asset Management works with institutions, financial intermediaries and private investors worldwide. We combine local knowledge with global reach, drawing upon the strength, stability and capabilities of HSBC, one of the world's largest financial services firms.

HSBC Investment Funds (Luxembourg) S.A.

HSBC Investment Funds (Luxembourg) S.A. has been operating since 1988. It acts as a management company for the Luxembourg domiciled investment funds of HSBC Asset Management. Distribution and asset management for these funds is delegated to HSBC Asset Management entities around the world that have specialist expertise.

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With effect from March 2016, the Remuneration Policy of HSBC Investment Funds (Luxembourg) S.A., which describes how remuneration and benefits are determined, is available within the Governance section of this site, or on request.

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Contact Information

Address: 18, Boulevard de Kockelscheuer, L-1821 Luxembourg

Telephone: +352 4888 9625

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As an HSBC Asset Management client or investor, we know that you care about how your personal information is dealt with.

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